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Wiz Khalifa in a Relationship with Deelishis

In an interview with Bijou Star, former competitor and winner of “Flavor of Love 2” Deelishis addressed her alleged romance with Wiz Khalifa. She also expressed her feelings and responded to Khalifa’s fans who called her the “homewrecker”.

According to MadameNoire, the rumors about their alleged romance increased when Deelishis shared a photo on her Instagram account in which she and Khalifa were seen hugging. Deelishis also captioned it with a message saying that it was their “Happy Holiday”.

Although the picture was quickly deleted, the fans of Khalifa tagged her as the homewrecker. They also attributed the divorce between Amber Rose and Khalifa to Deelishis.

Regardless of the widespread allegations, Deelishis claims that the “homewrecker” tag is untrue and that the romance with the rapper started after he divorced Rose. She went on to say that, females have an issue with her. Had it been anyone else, then it wouldn’t have created so much controversy.

Deelishis insisted that she hasn’t wrecked anybody’s home. As the romance between the two grows, Deelishis keeps on posting several Instagram posts that are directed to Wiz Khalifa. The posts include a meme in which she has revealed that she is excited about a new mysterious friendship that is being formed and a video in which she is dancing provocatively to a song of Khalifa.
Although Deelishis is forming a friendship with Khalifa, she admitted that she hopes Rose and Khalifa will reunite once again. She also explained that she respected Khalifa’s relationship with Amber and she is for happiness and love. She will also support them if they thought to reunite or remarry, whatever be the situation.