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Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis’ honored with Eavis Express

Music lovers would be able to travel to the Glastonbury on Eavis Express later this summer after the fest founder had a train named in his honor. Well, a high-speed train that was earlier known as Power Car No 43026 will now be called “Michael Eavis”.

The fest logo will also be there on the First Great Western train that would run between Paddington station (west London) and South Wales and south west of England.  In June, up to two thousand people every day could see themselves on board travelling to Castle Cary, which is the nearest station to Glastonbury.

Michael Eavis told that he was really happy with the honor. He said that there have been ups and downs over the past forty five years of the fest but this is one of the best moments. He really fell in love with trains when he along with his family used to travel to Somerset coast by rail.

He added that he just loved them since then. Just think of this train heading down to Somerset and Devon, think of it at night rolling through those valleys and it reaching the coast at Dawlish. It’s magical.

However, the fest founder just could not think of a lot of other things carrying his name. Michael has been honored with a plaque on Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior III. He told that it was mega too. It was not just little goods train or something, it is a proper engine. Public transport is important to Glastonbury. They encourage people to arrive by train or bus rather than car.